A Successful Fundraiser

Sylvia mingled with local Democrats

Sylvia mingled with local Democrats

Last Thursday, Team Glass hosted a successful fundraiser with host and Loudoun NAACP president Phillip Thompson. Prominent progressive members of the community attended the fundraiser, including Leesburg councilmembers Neil Steinburg and Marty Martinez, Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton, and members from the Loudoun County Democratic Committee. 

During the event, Sylvia gave a short speech to remind attendees why she is passionate about running for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

“We have people who can’t afford housing here, we have teachers who are struggling, teachers who have two jobs, and are trying to make ends meet. We have families that are suffering, having backpacks filled with food taken home from school. We have families living with other families. What I want to do in Broad Run is make sure that we are able to take care of people, such as our first responders, our teachers, our seniors, and be sure that we are able to take care of people that are having trouble. Yes, we live in Loudoun County, and it is the richest county in the country, but we still have people who have needs. I want to be the person to help those [in need],” Glass stated during her speech. 

Throughout the night, many attendees continued to state their excitement for Sylvia’s candidacy and the importance of electing local progressive candidates into office on November 5th. 

“Even though I do not live in the Broad Run district, I met Sylvia several years ago and I feel that she has those kind of values and policy to do these things that the Democratic Party feels strongly about,” Leesburg Councilman Marty Martinez stated. “I have been a big fan of her and will continue to support her because although she may not represent me, when she becomes a supervisor, she will represent everybody.”

Team Glass interns were also excited for the opportunity to network and meet Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton at the fundraiser. 

Glass interns had the opportunity to meet Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton

Glass interns had the opportunity to meet Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton

“The fundraiser was so wonderful! It was great meeting legislators and candidates at the event who are passionate about making Northern Virginia more Democratic, including Congresswoman Wexton. Wexton was so friendly and it was great talking to her about how we can be active in the campaigns and why these local elections are important,” Team Glass intern Siona stated about the event.

Team Glass feels satisfied with the turnout of the fundraiser. Other Loudoun County residents have expressed interest in hosting future meet and greets and fundraisers to help Sylvia garner more support for her campaign. The team is looking forward to connecting with more Loudoun County residents during these events. 

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Supervisor Candidate Sylvia Glass Condemns the General Assembly's Vote to Adjourn

Richmond, Virginia—On July 9th, the Virginia General Assembly met for a special legislative session called by Governor Ralph Northam to vote on implementing various gun safety measures in the Commonwealth after a shooter killed 12 people in Virginia Beach. The General Assembly spent less than two hours in session and voted to adjourn until November without voting on a single piece of legislation. I find this action against the interests of Virginians everywhere just abhorrent.

Glass, Democratic Candidate for the Board of Supervisors for the Broad Run District, released the following statement:

“I am running as a candidate for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors because as a  fifth-generation Virginian, mother, and teacher, I have seen first-hand the problems that have grown in my community, especially in the school system. Among these pressing issues is the gun violence in our country that has consistently taken a toll on our students. Unfortunately, data shows that the number of mass shootings in schools has increased significantly in recent years. 

Every month in my classroom, time that should be spent learning is spent hiding in a dark closet, telling my students to be as silent as possible, to prepare for the possibility of an active shooter. Special education teachers have to move children in wheelchairs and on walkers, help students with high anxiety deal with the situation, work with children with verbal tics who may be unable to be silent, and much more. They are simply more vulnerable. Constantly preparing children for a violent situation is frightening and anxiety inducing, which is not the way school should be. 

Our students in Loudoun County— who are voiceless and vulnerable—have a real fear of becoming yet another statistic. 

It does, however, not have to be this way. Policy experts agree that common-sense gun safety legislation works.  The General Assembly had the power last Tuesday to implement this legislation, but by voting to adjourn until November, they chose not to. Unfortunately, Virginia’s firearms preemption statute prohibits municipalities and counties, like my community in Loudoun, from implementing their own restrictions on firearm ownership. We, therefore, must depend on the General Assembly for these sensible gun safety laws. 

If elected, I would address gun violence immediately to the fullest extent possible because the health and safety of those in Broad Run and Loudoun as a whole are my foremost concerns. As a teacher, I also understand that above all else, the wellbeing of our young students must come first. I plan on addressing this issue holistically by increasing on-site mental health experts in our schools, increasing first-responder training, and installing other common safety features and personnel in each of our schools.

As our elected officials, the General Assembly has the job of looking out for the interests of our most vulnerable Virginians. The gun lobby’s legislators in the General Assembly have shown that they do not share this sentiment by adjourning without voting on a single piece of gun sense legislation. This November, we will elect candidates who do. The answer to rampant gun violence is not more guns, thoughts, or prayers—the answer is electing candidates ready to address it on all levels of government.”

June In Review

June has been one of the biggest months for Team Sylvia to date! Our campaign is stronger than ever, thanks to our new team of interns, our incredible staff and supporters, and extensive organizing across Broad Run. We've been working tirelessly to get Sylvia elected because we know that change only comes when we fight for it.

June was Pride Month; and as a campaign with team members in the LGBTQ+ community, we were honored to celebrate by attending many different Pride events. First, we sent the team to the Reston Pride festival, where we handed out our limited edition Pride buttons. Sylvia and our interns were also able to meet Del. Danica Roem, the first transgender member of a statewide office! Throughout the month, we attended many events for Equality Loudoun, including their Pride Picnic and Pride on the Patio gatherings. Sylvia also attended the Loudoun County Democratic Committee Pride Party alongside other candidates for local offices. All of these events helped us develop valuable connections, but most importantly, they demonstrated Sylvia's commitment to LGBTQ+ equality.

During June, we also expanded our intern program, with 11 new interns joining our campaign, bringing our summer intern total to 14. Of these interns, three joined our communications team, four joined our finance team, three joined our field team, and one joined our general management team. Early in the month, we sent our entire team down to Prince William County, in order to research Sylvia's family history and involvement in the civil rights movement. This research has given us all a more complete understanding of Sylvia's upbringing and the strong set of values that she was raised with during her childhood. Expect more information about her background coming in the future!


 We believe strongly in the power of grassroots organizing. In fact, during June we knocked on over 3,000 doors for Sylvia and John Bell's coordinated efforts and had countless face-to-face conversations with voters. In the coming months, we'll begin to order our yard signs and send them out to voters who requested them while we were canvassing. Although our main focus is on November, we also coordinated with the Suhas Subramanyam for Delegate and Justin Hannah for Sheriff campaigns during the primary and sent interns to knock on doors and work the polls for both candidates. Both Suhas and Justin ended up winning their primaries. Our goal is to elect the strongest and most progressive slate of Democrats that we possibly can, so that when she's elected, Sylvia is in good company on all levels of government!

June was also big month for the gun violence prevention movement. June 7th was National Gun Violence Awareness Day, which was observed with hundreds of Wear Orange picnics across the country. As a member of Loudoun Moms Demand Action, Sylvia was happy to attend one of these events in order to connect with other moms who are standing up to demand a safer future for their children. Sylvia and out team also went to Congresswoman Wexton's Gun Safety Townhall, where we heard the opinions of public safety and health experts on the best ways to address this epidemic.


There were also two major events this month for Democratic candidates, elected officials, and activists: the Network NOVA Women's Summit and the Virginia Democrats' Blue Commonwealth Gala. At the Women's Summit, we connected with many other local candidates and were reminded of the importance of local elections. Local officials determine, among other things, the funding our schools receive, the conditions of our county’s infrastructure, the zoning regulations placed on developers, and water availability. Their actions impact our day-to-day lives more than any debate on Capitol Hill or in Richmond ever will. At the Blue Commonwealth Gala, Team Sylvia had the opportunity to hear from Democratic officials at all levels of government, including Sen. Tim Kaine and Sen. Mark Warner, multiple members of Congress from the Virginia delegation, many of our Virginia Senators and Delegates, as well as Presidential candidates Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Mayor Pete Buttigieg. We also attended on the same day the annual meeting of the Democratic Party of Virginia's Annual Women's Caucus Meeting. It was a great day!

Finally, Sylvia was able to return to her roots as an activist by calling for the resignation of Leesburg Town Councilmembers, Tom Dunn and Josh Thiel, for defacing multiple proclamations observing Pride Month, Juneteenth, and Gun Violence Awareness Day. Sylvia was also able to speak with many community members from the Loudoun NAACP and Equality Loudoun before the town council meeting. As a teacher at Leesburg Elementary, Sylvia has seen students struggle with their identities, and she understands the importance of recognition for members of marginalized communities. 

We've had so many accomplishments this month, and we could not have done it without youour amazing staff, interns, and supporters. We aren't, however, taking anything granted. Going into July, we plan on working twice as hard to ensure that Sylvia represents us on the Board of Supervisors. To help us further, sign up to volunteer or donate. Let's win in November!

Team Sylvia