Roads and mass transit

Loudoun County must address our road congestion and parking issues. I will work with developers, planning professionals, and county officials beyond Loudoun County to pursue effective policies that will:

  • Fight for controlled rather than sprawling growth

  • Prioritize user-friendly, multi-modal public transportation policies

    • Expand, connect, and better maintain our roadways

    • Offer a free alternative to the Greenway Toll Road

    • Develop, expand, and connect transit infrastructure, including the Loudoun County Transit Bus Service, Loudoun County Commuter Bus, and Metro Connection Service, to create a system that matches the growth of the community

    • Incentivize the use of public transportation

    • Connect our existing sidewalks, pathways, bike paths, and walking trails, and create new ones, while making them all safer

  • Create additional free parking around the new Metro Stations

  • Seek from new developers plans to install more parking in our townhouse and condominium communities

“I see congestion on our streets and it is unacceptable. I see a lack of connectivity between our neighborhoods by way of sidewalks and trails. There is a need for workforce housing for seniors, county employees and single-income families. As a teacher, I have witnessed a growing mental health crisis in our schools. I am committed to standing side-by-side with my neighbors, working on these important issues in Broad Run.”

Schools and Education

 Loudoun County is the richest county in Virginia and in the nation — but right now, we only fully fund our schools during election years. I will work with the School Board, the Loudoun Education Association, and education professionals to create schools that are among the best in the nation by:

  • Establishing better communication between the Board of Supervisors and the School Board members

  • Building the Academies of Loudoun into a full-time program, as well as increasing our vocational and fine art programs

  • Fast-tracking the building of the Regional Science Center

  • Increasing teacher and staff salaries, benefits, and available classroom resources to levels at least comparable to the less wealthy communities around us

  • Augmenting the staff to reduce overcrowded classrooms

  • Expanding school security

  • Enlarging the number of on-site mental health professionals, which will deal with the growing incidence of suicide and other mental distresses and, of especial importance, broadening school security

  • Working toward better diversity among teachers and staff

  • Enhancing programming in our school to create a culturally and socially competent learning environment that is able to provide fair and equitable learning for all students, including students with a disability

Affordable Workforce Housing

Our county workers, single-earner families, and seniors are generally unable to live in Loudoun County due to the expense and, thus, commute far distances. Our young and mature workers, as well as our retired workers should be able to live in the communities that they serve.

  • I will work with developers and planning professionals within small area plans to ensure that developers build:

    • Units smaller than Loudoun County’s average unit size of over 3,500 sq. ft.

    • More sustainable housing units to reduce utility costs

    • An increased number of mixed-use developments

  • I will seek to increase funding for the Housing Trust Fund

  • In regard to the Affordable Dwelling Unit Program, I will:

    • Fight to raise the income eligibility requirements so that our teachers, first-responders, county

      employees, and others, are not shut out of the Program by a small margin; and

    • Reduce the approximate two-year waiting list to receive assistance

  • Oppose by-right development by data centers that might interfere with residential housing